Thursday, December 20, 2012

Lighting and Rendering (Fall 2012)

Previous experience: 2 months
Duration of class: 4 months

Project 01 - Hallway Scene [9.19.12]
Leaning to apply textures to an object
Project 02 - HDRI [9.24.12]
Understanding HDRIs and trying out shads

Project 03 - Boiler Room [10.03.12]
Working with lighting more, Nurbs
Project 04 - Roof Top Scene [10.08.12]
Image based lighting, focus on lighting with color

Project 05 - Train Scene [10.16.12]
Creating shaders, working with light fog

Personal Progress:
Start of the semester
Revised at the end of the semester
[12.06.12] 3 months later,
Video Link

Final Project - Create your own scene [12.06.12]
Create objects, use found obj, light it, and render push-in
Video Link
Created: Desk, Hutch, Binders, Composition Notebooks, CDs, Post-its, Stack of paper, Mouse-pad, Crown molding, working Window, Chair mat, cCrkboard, oh yeah, and the Working Filing Cabinet (with folders)!

Other Objects and Textures found online. Bump maps created and applied. Shaders found on CreativeCrash.

Created and composited an Ambient Occlusion.

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Beginning 3D Animation (Summer 2012)

I started this class with no prior knowledge of 3D animation and the software used.

Project 01 - (Missing)
Objective: to create an abstract cityscape using basic, geometric blocks and to become familiar with the Maya interface.

Project 02 - Bioform
Objective: to create an abstract object, and to become familiar with the basic elements used in modeling
Bioform - Abstract Model
beginning modeling, leaning the basics to extruding
Bioform - continued
basic 3-point lighting used to highlight object

Project 03 - Final: Automaton
Objective: to create an animation using the basic modeling techniques; blinn and ambert matirials; basic lighting; and parent-child constraint.

The final specs to Archy and Fly's designs.
Complete design and creation, 2012 by Alexandra M. Guerin
Archy watching his fly friend
His curiosity is shown without facial expression

The Breakdown: Archy sees a fly go by.  He is happy and dances. He notices that he has wings too. He tries flapping the wings, but doesn't fly. He becomes sad.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Folding Forms

To use and understand shape-tweens. The 280px square must be filled with #999999 from the start, and returned to the same color at the finish. You must fold all four corners, make two cut-outs, and fold the corners from the cut-outs (You don't have to fold all the cut-out corners). Each fold must take two seconds and hold for a second. Each cut-out must take a second, then hold a second.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Exquisit Corpse: A Chain Story (#6)

This was my first animation that was made from a drawing and my first lip-sync. The process required drawing a self-portrait caricature and scanning it into the computer, where I then used it as a guild in Adobe Flash. In the end, I created all the elements in this animation all by hand, before scanning.

Starting this animation off didn’t go very well. The problem was in my drawing. I was using a drawing that could be a lot better, so I scraped the animation and started over.

After recreating the self-portrait and also drawing out the other elements, I was able to start the revision on a better foundation. A few things that I should fix would be the sauce that the aliens leave behind. It could be more gooey and less like a line drawn across the paper. Another fix, would the fuel line that falls off the rocket ship. It really should be more detailed and look more like the fueling line of a car, less like a panel falling off.

Monday, November 21, 2011

La Machine

The first stand-alone assignment for my class. The assignment was to have 5 animated items; one ball, one with a hinge, one that spins, the use of squash-and-stretch, and an open interpretation. The set-up is in black and white, with the use of one other color.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Logo Design

"Standard: a line of simple, functional, high quality, clothing made regionally in the USA."

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Big Idea Project

I found the critic to be really confusing on this one. When making the project, I was going to make it so that the outside had a bunch of ads wallpapered, and on the inside have it be blank. The idea was an interpretation of how I felt bought advertisements. As I was making it, I was told to change it into a trap, sending the message that advertisements are a trap to consumers and to leave the outside blank wood, as if it were a rabbit trap or something. As we did critics, I was then told I should have wallpapered the outside with ads, which completely threw me though a loop.

In the end though, I felt that the ads were better left on the inside, because a trap needs to be plain, since you want to throw off the person that it is a trap. I think the plainess of the outside really works with the deception of "Trap." You don't expect it to be one, but it is. There should have been more ads taped to the inside though, to give a more cluttered appeal of advertisements in our society.

photos are by Dana