Thursday, December 20, 2012

Lighting and Rendering (Fall 2012)

Previous experience: 2 months
Duration of class: 4 months

Project 01 - Hallway Scene [9.19.12]
Leaning to apply textures to an object
Project 02 - HDRI [9.24.12]
Understanding HDRIs and trying out shads

Project 03 - Boiler Room [10.03.12]
Working with lighting more, Nurbs
Project 04 - Roof Top Scene [10.08.12]
Image based lighting, focus on lighting with color

Project 05 - Train Scene [10.16.12]
Creating shaders, working with light fog

Personal Progress:
Start of the semester
Revised at the end of the semester
[12.06.12] 3 months later,
Video Link

Final Project - Create your own scene [12.06.12]
Create objects, use found obj, light it, and render push-in
Video Link
Created: Desk, Hutch, Binders, Composition Notebooks, CDs, Post-its, Stack of paper, Mouse-pad, Crown molding, working Window, Chair mat, cCrkboard, oh yeah, and the Working Filing Cabinet (with folders)!

Other Objects and Textures found online. Bump maps created and applied. Shaders found on CreativeCrash.

Created and composited an Ambient Occlusion.

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